Thursday, August 26, 2010


I went out to pick some cucumbers for supper, and found this little guy sitting on one hanging from the trellis.

I didn't pick that one.

I pulled out Mom's recipe for fresh cucumber pickles, and cried a little when I saw her handwriting. When is it going to get easier?

Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Fiber Front

I can't fool you guys for a second! That's right, I have a floor loom. She is a Union 36" rug loom. She is in very good condition considering how old she is. I should replace the heddles, although they actually still work fine. Mostly, she just needs cleaning up. Until I get the Art Shack up and running, she'll be in the house in my office. The photo shows her still all bound up and partially taken apart for transport/getting through the door. My goal is to have her operational before the snow flies.

A couple of months ago, I came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn't weave any more baskets, and gave all the reed I had to a basket weaver in my spinning group. She stopped by the other day and gave me this!

It is perfect for carrying fiber or yarn to spinning meetings.

I like the little bump out. A good place for tools or water bottle when demonstrating at the fair, like we are this weekend.

I have about 450 to 500 yards of this llama/mohair handspun. I think it needs to be a lacy shawlette, but nothing has been decided yet.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hey, about time for an update! I discovered that I was even luckier than I realized with that tornado. I've found that the southwest corner of my barn shifted about 4 inches on the foundation. I'm lucky the whole thing didn't come crashing down on all my animals!

After over a month of rain every two days, we finally were able to get a second cutting of hay. We loaded the last of it into my barn around 8:30 last night. This morning it is raining. I probably already have enough for the year, so I may end up being able to sell some hay if we get a third cutting.

Kora has fit in really well with my other dogs, and has brought a lot of laughter to my world. She is just so dang entertaining.

We are two weeks into our intermediate agility class. She could be an excellent agility dog if she had a better handler! She catches on quickly, it is I who needs to practice. I knew I was in for trouble when the instructor said that agility is a dance between you and your dog. I can't dance to save my life! Oh well, we are having a lot of fun with it. We are getting into some more technical stuff now, where the position of your shoulder by just a few centimeters can make a difference. I've been watching some agility videos on youtube, paying more attention to the handler than the dog. I get all excited when I see a move that we just learned in class. With her long body, Kora looks like a snake when doing the weave poles.

Based on this photo, would anybody care to take a guess about my big news on the fiber related front?