Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1. Last week's post was my 500th. Woop de do, huh?

2. My hair smells like cilantro. It must be the new shampoo. I like the fresh smell of cilantro, but now I constantly crave taco salad.

3. My pockets are full of kibble. Last night was the first obedience class with Kora using clicker training. See a lamb going through an agility course here. So far so good.

4. The great melt down has begun. My biggest llama stepped off the path and sunk to his chest in snow. He couldn't get back up. Since it was so warm, the snow was very wet and he started shivering. I had to shovel a path through the still three foot drift so he could make it back to the barn. Fool animal.

5.I purchased my new washer. It won't be delivered for some time, as the driveway/yard are impassible for a delivery truck. Previously they would have been stuck in snow. Now, they would be stuck in mud, or at least make huge ruts that I don't want to deal with. Not enough room to turn around in anyway, due to the still high drifts.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is frost on my car window. I had to make sure the angle was just right, so that the window didn't reflect me. I managed to get it to reflect the sky, thus the blue color.

I actually managed to get through on-line and scored myself a $200 rebate for a new clothes washer. My electric coop also has a $25.00 rebate. My current washer is almost 20 years old, and I have needed a new one for a while. Imagine, a washer that doesn't periodically spew water all over the floor. Woohoo! I guess I'll go washer shopping this weekend. Any recommendations? It has to be an Energy Star appliance, and I need to be able to wash fleece in it, which means it can't have an automatic water level sensing device. I'm guessing that also automatically excludes front loaders as well.