Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1. Last week's post was my 500th. Woop de do, huh?

2. My hair smells like cilantro. It must be the new shampoo. I like the fresh smell of cilantro, but now I constantly crave taco salad.

3. My pockets are full of kibble. Last night was the first obedience class with Kora using clicker training. See a lamb going through an agility course here. So far so good.

4. The great melt down has begun. My biggest llama stepped off the path and sunk to his chest in snow. He couldn't get back up. Since it was so warm, the snow was very wet and he started shivering. I had to shovel a path through the still three foot drift so he could make it back to the barn. Fool animal.

5.I purchased my new washer. It won't be delivered for some time, as the driveway/yard are impassible for a delivery truck. Previously they would have been stuck in snow. Now, they would be stuck in mud, or at least make huge ruts that I don't want to deal with. Not enough room to turn around in anyway, due to the still high drifts.


Cindy said...

But, spring is coming and it will soon be better. Can't help on the llama. I have a dog and cat. Might be the same or very close.

Eyes to See said...

WOW! 500 posts! I'M IMPRESSED! I like this post since it gives a lot of updates about the dogtraining, the condition of the ground, the character of the llama (still wanting to see more pics of those) and it shows you are still functioning! Keep 'em comin'!

Julene said...

"...now I constantly crave taco salad"

Ha! Just as long as other people don't start randomly showing up with tortillas, maybe things will work out (;

And what new shampoo are you using that smells like cilantro?

Congrats on both the 500th post and the new washer!

Annie said...

Cindy, I've seen pictures of your dog. He is only slightly smaller than my llama! Ha!

Julene, now I can't figure out what I was smelling, because my shampoo doesn't smell like cilantro at all, and now neither does my hair. I had just assumed it was my shampoo. I cannot figure it out! (And no, I didn't have a sprig of cilantro clinging anywhere.)

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