Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another entry to the Art of Alzheimer's Series

This tile of Bluebonnets usually sits toward the back of the counter, behind the canisters, the toaster, etc. Mom set it in front of the canister, tore off the stems of these artificial flowers, and arranged them in front of the tile.

Mom used to love to paint. It was therapy for her when my Dad died. She can't, or won't, paint anymore, but she is still creating art. That makes me smile.

I have the weekend off. I took a nap. I sold a skein of yarn at the craft show, which paid for my booth fee and still left me with money to spare. I handed out a lot of business cards, got my picture taken by the roving reporter for the local paper, and she says she is going to call me next week so they can do a "human interest" story. I did enough spinning at the craft show to replace the skein I sold, plus more. But the nap? The nap was goooood!

Tomorrow there is a pasture full of burdock that should be shaking in their leaves, because they are going down! And then they are going to burn! And there is a chicken coop that is going to get cleaned out and new bedding put down for the winter, and raised beds to weed so I can fill them up with compost from the compost pile which needs emptying so I have room to put the chicken coop litter, and the leaves need raking, and the lawn needs mowed, and and and now I am making myself tired so good night.

On Monday please don't ask me how much of that actually got done, ok?


cornbread hell said...

i really enjoy seeing your mom's art. that is exactly what it is, too.

flintysooner said...

I love the art myself.

I also love the idea of "burdock shaking it their leaves."

Way too ambitious a plan for me though. And I won't ask.