Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I may have mentioned previously that I had been doing some dyeing.

This alpaca/targhee was dyed as a roving, spun, wound into a center-pull ball, and then plyed on itself. I like that it is randomly variegated. This might become a pair of socks for me, or I might sell it. Choices, choices. Hm, I just remembered that this was spun on my birthday, sitting next to a lake in Wisconsin, on a very wonderful weekend off. Might have to keep this one as a remembrance of that day.

One of my silly hens has gone broody. She has six or seven eggs on her nest. I hope she gets them hatched and feathered out before it gets too cold. The ones above were hatched out in July.

An actual conversation with Mom:

Mom: Who's that girl? (Pointing at the neighbor girl (who used to watch Mom for a few hours a couple of days a week) as she was driving away.)

Me: That's Melissa.

Mom: Who is Melissa? (Looking at me.)

Me: That girl (Pointing)

Mom: Oh, what's her name? (Looking at Melissa.)

Me: (whimper) Melissa...


rilera said...

That sounds familiar! Oh the joys of Alzheimer's-speak.

cornbread hell said...