Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Art of Alzheimer's

Mom was doing some decorating. She saw an empty nail, and ran with it.

Those scrubby things are great for playing catch. They move slow, so she can catch it, and they are soft so it doesn't hurt if you don't. That is more for my benefit, because she throws hard! She laughs the whole time.

If I have two of them out, watch out. They usually go under her shirt (or she stuffs them in mine), and she does her best Mae West impersonation, strutting around with her chest out, again giggling the whole time.

Life is always interesting with Mom around!


cornbread hell said...

omg. the playing catch idea is brilliant. i'm gonna propose it as an "activity" tomorrow!

(if it goes over, i'll probably even throw in the mae west funny at some point.)

Annie said...

Let me know how it goes. And if you pull a Mae West, I want pictures! Hee!

rilera said...

It sounds like you and your Mom have a lot of fun together and that is so good. Your Mom has a great sense of humor. I'm glad that is one thing that ALZ hasn't taken away. My mom too has retained her sense of humor. We laugh at the silliest things.