Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I don't know that this qualifies as art, but Mom brought this hanging basket in from the porch and hung it from the cabinet pulls in the kitchen. I don't know if she thought the lone little impatiens left in there needed to come in from the cold, or? It used to be full of beautiful blooms, but over the course of the summer she first picked all the flowers, then denuded the stems, then finally pulled them right out of the dirt. Only one survived.

I also wanted to call attention to what I thought was a brilliant idea: the child proof tie thingy on the cabinet doors. She was constantly going through the cupboards, opening all the boxes, taking labels off of canned goods, that type of thing. After the unfortunate cayenne pepper incident which left us all (including the dogs) sneezing for days, I needed a solution. It has two cable ties that go over the pulls, you have to press the middle yellow button and one of the side yellow buttons simultaneously, and then you can pull out the tie to open the door.

I have had about a month of "peace". Last night she wandered into the living room holding my pepper mill...which is usually in that cupboard. What??? There was the little device sitting on the counter, both ties still inserted in the little box. Next to it was the knob from the cupboard. She figured out that she could unscrew the knob. I know that it was deliberate, it didn't just fall off, because the other one was loose too.

She outfoxed me again!


Miss T said...

Your mom has become a trickster. You could write marvelous legends about her.

rilera said...

It's amazing the things our Moms can come up with. My mom just gave everyone a piano recital, from memory! My aunt was stunned.

Elaine said...

Yesterday, Thanksgiving day, was my birthday. I phone my mother every night. Every day I say, I'll phone tomorrow. But this week I started saying I'll phone tomorrow, but on Thursday night, you'll phone for my birthday. And she kept repeating that she would phone for my birthday.

So last night, I finally gave up at 10:30 and phoned her. She had forgotten to phone. She felt so badly that I told her it didn't matter - it was just wonderful to speak with her. But I really have to admit that I was disappointed since I was certain she would remember.

I love your mom's ingenuity.