Monday, November 5, 2007

Mishmash Monday

Or, what we did this weekend.
Mom slept late, so I snuck some dyeing in.

Specs: App 12 oz Polypay roving, using three colors of Gaywool dyes in three different dyepots.

While the roving was cooking, I finished a shawl on the tri-loom.

Specs: 7 ft tri-loom, yarn is handspun one ply white alpaca (Laser Fine, barn name Peach Boy), one ply natural 50% merino/50% silk, then dyed with Gaywool dyes.

It still needs to be fulled.

Then we baked peanut butter cookies.

I did the mixing, and Mom helped with the rolling into a ball and smooshing with a fork. As you can see, she is really good at the smooshing.

The recipe is from a cookbook called Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers. I inherited it from my aunt Mary Anne, Mom's sister. Some people want the crystal vase, or the jewelry when it comes to inheritence. Nope, I want the cookbooks. This one was published in 1963, which makes it 3 years older than me. I love reading the handwritten notes that are made next to her favorites, or seeing the dogeared pages, and wondering what recipe on that page had interested her.

Actually using the cookbook can be interesting. Some of the ingredients require a little research. For example, oleo? That one took a while.


cornbread hell said...

dang. such a youngster!

here's one for ya. my 1st car was a $400, 1960 austin healy (a british car). needless to say it always needed work. the manual that came with it was constantly telling me "take a spanner..." or "with the spanner..." do so and so.

i didn't have a clue they were talking about a wrench until sometime After i got rid of that car. d'oh.

btw. that's some great smooshing.

rilera said...

I love the smooshing! Those colors are gorgeous.

You are 3 years younger than me.

Annie said...

Were you thinking that now you are going to have to buy some newfangled British tool to go with your car? Are you sad now that you sold it?

Robin, that means that you and my cookbook are the same age!

cornbread hell said...

nope. i thought a *spanner* must be some part of the engine.

yep. it's worth a hell of a lot more than i am now.

Annie said...

Robyn, I spelled your name wrong! But you knew that. Sorry. Beating my forehead against the table, Robyn with a y, Robyn with a y. Give me a few years, it will sink in!

rilera said...

Yep, I'm the same age as your cookbook!

No problem about the 'y', it happens all the time. My mom loved the letter 'y' I guess, my sister has one in her name.

The fibers you do are GORGEOUS! What fun!

Cinnamin said...

I love peanut butter cookies!! Those are just beautiful; Mom did a fine job smooshing!

Want to share that recipe? I'm always looking for new ones for Christmas baking!

LOL "Oleo"! I hate to bake with margarine, so I always use real butter!

You sound like me, forget the stuff, let me at those cook books!! :-)