Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Art of Alzheimer's

A study in form, color and texture.
Or maybe she was just hungry.


cornbread hell said...

tell me something. did your mom look through the cabinets for colorful foods or were fruit loops, cheetos and tomatoes just lying around?

i'm serious. i'm really curious about her motivation for this construction.

(if you ever write a book about her/ad caretaking, these pics of her art work would make great chapter starters.)

rilera said...

Very colorful. And I agree with cornbread; if you ever write a book, these pictures must be included.

Annie said...

To be honest, I don't remember. This photo was taken last year. I do have a cabinet stocked with snacks for her to rummage through(cereal, chips, marshmallows, animal crackers, etc)but the tomatoes were probably sitting on the counter after being gathered from the garden. The plate could have been in the cupboard, or sitting on the dish rack.

Part (most?) of the motivation for me to start this blog was to share these photos. I wasn't sure if others would be as fascinated as I am. I mean, some of them show such purpose and focus, not something that she really has in all other areas of her life. That fascinates me.

Does that make any sense?

cornbread hell said...

it makes total sense.

as i've said before, i think your mom's art work is wonderful. and it's interesting to know the part it played in your motivation to blog.