Friday, November 30, 2007


Click for full effect.

I like that you can tell the temperature by how loud the snow crunches. It was quite squeaky today.

We're due for a storm this weekend. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Maybe because I know my barn is full of hay, the stock tanks are full of water (because I hauled water this morning), and my larder is full because we went to the grocery and to Fleet Farm today. Bring it on!

Speaking of grocery stores, is anybody else amused that the sprinklers in the produce section thunder and lightning before they come on? That just cracks me up every time.


cornbread hell said...

gosh that sounds cozy. i'm almost jealous.(((brrr)))

and that sure is a beautiful sky.

rilera said...

We Minnesotans know how to prepare for a storm! I too went to the grocery store and stocked up. I'm excited for the snow, I'm glad that it's happening on the weekend. Otherwise my 50 minute drive turns into longer.

You can also tell how cold it is by whether your nose contents are frozen. :_) Growing up in Duluth taught me that.

How do the llamas and alpacas do in the cold? I know they are from the Andes, but does it get as cold as here there?

That's a beautiful picture.

Annie said...

Rick, I didn't even mention the potato leek soup on the stove and the biscuits in the oven!

Robyn, yes, glad it is the weekend and I (and you?) don't have to go anywhere.

The animals are fine in the cold. I just feed extra hay. The Andes doesn't have the extremes we do, but it does get cold. The animals actually do better in the cold than they do in the summer. They can die from heat stress.

flintysooner said...

We had cold drizzle yesterday morning and I was watching the horses. All 4 of them stood facing the same way and just let the rain fall on them. They could have gotten in the shed if they had wanted. But they just stood there and they seemed calm, even happy it was drizzling.

They always act up when the weather is changing. Skittish is what we call it. We put out extra hay and give more oats and later when it gets colder we'll give them sweet feed which they love.

I don't like how sloppy and muddy and stuff the lot gets though. Otherwise it isn't so bad and it reminds me of my childhood.

But it rarely gets to zero here and even more rarely below. I remember once in Kansas City it was 22 below zero.