Friday, December 14, 2007

Art of Alzheimer's-Christmas edition

Snapped this one last night. I have a cupboard for Mom, where I leave measured portions of her favorite snacks. (If I left the whole bag, the whole bag would be gone.) Her favorite is marshmallows. These are marshmallow stars. Big whup, right, a little pile of stars. Until you realize that they are carefully interconnected. And there are green evergreen tree marshmallows in the bag too, so if this were truly random, there would be little trees in the pile.

I lied before. If I were to send out Christmas cards, this would be the shot I'd use.


cornbread hell said...

when she eats them, does she bite off each point first? or just pop the whole thing in her mouth?

(i heard curiosity killed a cat once.)

Annie said...

The whole thing goes in. They're only about the size of a nickel.

Anonymous said...

my hubby's grandpa used to do the same.... except he like to eat "butter" lol. they had to hide it all from him. i wonder why "butter". those starsdo look good though, lol. at least she has taste :)

Miss T said...

Lovely photo.

flintysooner said...

I had to hide dad's cookies like that. At the end Fig Newtons was the preferred cookie. I substituted Cranberry Newton finally. I would only put three in the cookie jar and leave the others in the cabinet above. Dad would clean out the jar (really a tupperware deal) at every opportunity. That went on a while.

We stopped the finger sticks first and then went to one time Lantus injections and then finally stopped all insulin. Wish I had stopped a little sooner actually.