Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chicks and Walks to the Mailbox

The most recent batch of chicks seems more intelligent than previous ones. They have figured out that I bring the food and water, and they start chirping as soon as they hear me crunching through the snow to the coop. Then, when I get in the coop, they come running and stand on my feet. That makes it difficult to walk when you're carrying a five gallon bucket of water, let me tell you! My prediction, based on their combs, there are four pullets and two cockerels. I can never actually tell until they crow.

We had three inches of very light fluffy snow fall on Saturday night. I walked out to get the mail Sunday morning. There was no wind, and everything was absolutely silent.

Yesterday was bright and sunny, and a slight breeze had picked up. That slight breeze set to resculpting the landscape. The fluffy blanket of snow now kept shifting and reforming new drifts. There is a slight ridge on the field to the south. It looked like the ground was moving, the snow ebbing and flowing in the breeze, and being reflected by the bright sun. It makes me wonder how far it has come since it first touched the ground. The snow making this drift...did it first touch the ground a mile away, and then the wind carried it here? Where will it be tomorrow? Anyway, I love watching it. I have found it impossible to capture on camera. Sometimes you just have to experience things.

Yesterday's walk to the mailbox:

I enjoy walking to the mailbox.


:: gina :: said...

you take stunning photos! i love that. reminds me that there are bigger things than me. keep posting them :)

rilera said...

Beautiful photos! I miss the spectacular sunsets now that i live in the city.

Annie said...

Thanks guys. I just have nice subject matter.