Thursday, December 6, 2007

Order or Art?

Living out here on the prairie, we get a fair amount of wind. Enough that I want one of these , but that's another story. (or a rant, really)

Anyway, my lawn chairs are pretty light weight, so it is not uncommon to come out of the house and find them blown over, or even blown half way across the yard.

Not for long. Mom has them back in line almost immediately.

I often wonder if her desire for order is because that is one thing she can control in the rather out of control life that is AD?


rilera said...

That is a great way to earn extra money and save on your own electricity! I just saw a story about ranchers in TX allowing power companies to put turbines on their land.

cornbread hell said...

i agree. i hope you can do something with that.

(my brother-in-law is a one man operation, west texas rancher. he raises cattle without the hormones, antobiotics, additives or whatever...he's a real cowboy. i respect him a lot. still, i was surprised to hear how he hates the idea of windmills uglifying the landscape. to him they'd be an honest to gosh rape of the land. i disagree, but then, i'm a just a city boy.)

Annie said...

There is a wind turbine farm about 15 miles away from me. On a clear day, I can see them if I squint hard enough and the lighting is right. They don't bother me. I think it's sad that the windmills of yesteryear are no longer. I really like the design of the ones that I linked to. No large propellers to kill birds, no sound generated so they can be used on top of buildings etc. These could be installed on buildings in windy cities, and we could have perfectly sustainable power generation, and not need to build the big turbine farms. Of course the idiot and his oil cronies wouldn't hear of it. Am I ranting? (Don't get me started on sustainable agrigulture.) Anyway, I just want one for my own use, (and my local co-op paying me for any extra power it generates) not necessarily one of the big turbines.
See, Rick, I already have a share of your lottery scheme winnings alloted!

cornbread hell said...

got any favorite numbers?

Annie said...

Nope, no favorite numbers. I'll leave that up to you. :)