Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fiber as Therapy

I've been an emotional basketcase the past couple of weeks, sorry about that. Still no developments with respect to the coin, that has me worried. We'll go for an X-ray if we don't "hit the jackpot" by Thursday. Through it all, Mom has been her cheery, happy self. Thanks to all for your concern, prayers and thoughts.

Turning the crank on the drum carder and seeing the colors blend has been my therapy. I have an order for a pound of Airies (rose gray) overdyed to a dusty purple, like this.

The dyepot I use isn't big enough to hold one pound of alpaca, so I dyed it in three different batches, then am blending amongst the three on the carder.

I also dyed up some Peach Boy (white) and blended it into this.

I'm still working on the "hollyhock" roving. I have it dyed, but haven't gotten to the blending. I want to get the custom order done first.


cornbread hell said...

hey there stranger. i'm at the austin public library catchin' up with your blog. can't take my eyes off of peach boy's fabric.

best wishes to you and mom. it sure is good to hear she's still "her cheery, happy self," in spite of it all.

take care annie.

rilera said...

Hi Annie, I'm so sorry you and Mom have to endure this. I'm glad that Mom seems unaffected by this so far. Take care of yourself and keep us updated. You are both in my thoughts Kiddo.