Friday, February 29, 2008


My first forray into necklace making. The middle bead is felted from drum carder leavings, those little bits that no matter how carefully you try to remove the batt, there is a little bit stuck in there. Hey, it's a garbage necklace!

The other day I was rubbing my elbow because it hurt. (Tennis elbow, or more accurately, hauling water, stacking hay, etc elbow) Mom saw me, sort of clucked sympathetically, and then asked if she should cut it off for me. Thanks for the offer, Mom!


Cindy said...

Where do those remarks come from, I wonder. I happen to like your necklaces. I am allergic to most metals around my neck, so I like it.

Olga said...

Yikes! Talk about killing the patient to heal the sickness! Better sleep with one eye open.

rilera said...

Neat idea for the necklace, not the cutting off of your arm (LOL). Hope you are hanging in there and that you, Mom and animals are staying warm.