Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Flies

Simba has been limping lately when she gets up; arthritis is kicking in. It's hard to believe she'll be nine in April.

Ursa, her little buddy shown in the background here, will be nine in December. They still act like pups though, romping through the snow is their favorite pasttime. I love the snowbeards they had today.

I am tired. Mom hasn't been sleeping well, and thus I haven't either. She gets up two or three times a night. It can take a half hour to an hour to get her back into bed, and then my bed gets all cold. I shiver for a half hour until the bed gets warm again, and then Mom is up again. Argh! My sister says I need an electric blanket. Might just have to look into that. My greatest fear is that one night I'll be so tired I won't hear her get up, and that will be the night she manages to hurt herself somehow.


Robin said...

Simba has such a sweet face!
You really should get an electric blanket!!
I hope you both get some well needed rest soon!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are beautiful. Are they a particular breed or a perfect mix?..Hope you can take a break soon.

Annie said...

Anon, they are what I call a UCO. Unidentified Canine Object. In other words, a perfect mix. I think husky, lab, and golden retriever for their silky fur.

rilera said...

Ursa and Simba are beautiful! Lily will be 9 in August. I can't believe it. She's my baby. I wish pets had longer lifespans.

Sorry to hear that Mom is not sleeping. It's frustrating and exhausting. I hope things get better soon for you both.