Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We did that a lot this weekend. There were all kinds of things in bloom. We'd be walking along, and all of a sudden you'd get a waft of sweet smell. Then the trick was to find what we were smelling. It was wonderful just breathing in the warm sweet air.

We visited the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center on Friday, but I am an idiot and forgot my camera that day. Rick generously allowed me to use his, so if anything turned out I may add some photos later. We discovered the beautiful huisache tree, the possum haw, the universal sign for bobcat (wave your arms to chase them away!) and that the legume family is very large! We climbed the stone tower, and I was doing fine with the height because the stone felt very solid, until Rick pointed out the grate in the middle. I hugged the stone wall and didn't look at the grate.

Friday night we went to historic Gruene Hall ,

the oldest dance hall in Texas, to hear NGDB play. They were in fine form, and this was the first time they had played Gruene Hall. They seemed as giddy to be playing there as the people were to have them there. Here's Jeff Hannah and John McEuen respectively.

Enough of my travelogue for today.

PBS is airing a show about caregiving tonight, check your local listings.

I just got a call from Mom's "spa". She fell last night and has a rug burn on her forehead, but is fine. Other than that, they have had no problems, she is sleeping good, and they have not had to use the anti-agitation meds we had prescribed just in case. I pick her up Friday night. Last night I was catching up on some blog reading, and every few minutes I would start to get up to see where Mom was, and then I would remember. Silly me!


cornbread hell said...

what? no comments??

Olga said...

so glad your back-missed checking up on you! And more details of the journey!