Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Adventure Never Ends

The day started out like any other. While Mom slept, I made a beret. She liked the purple one, and kept putting it on her head, so I did a blue one for her.

This one is wool and silk, no alpaca. What a difference that made in the felting! This one took much longer to make.

I did some dyeing.

Can you believe I was out of blues and purples? I have been doing some carding/blending.

Then, I looked out the kitchen window. The herd was bunched in one corner of the pasture, looking at something. Wait, there was something stuck in the fence. I grabbed my camera and went to investigate.

How did it manage that? I figure it must have been running away from something, and got caught. I first grabbed it behind the ears so it couldn't turn around and bite me. I don't like getting bit by wild animals of any kind, let alone a rabbit. ("It's got fangs! Run away, run away!") Then I gently got the hips loose, and let it go. It promptly ran through the fence with no problem.

Fiber fanatic that I am, I gathered the fur that the rabbit had rubbed off in its panic, and spun it up.

It didn't go far, but it was fun to experiment.

Then, when I walked back into the house after taking the yarn photo, I saw an indigo bunting at the feeder. It flew away as I took the shot. Dang! After uploading the photos though, I found it flying off the frame. What a beautiful color!

Yep, just another day.


cornbread hell said...

so they felted differently, but which one felt better?

cornbread hell said...

guess what? i have an order for 6 berets. 2 undyed/au natural. the other 4 colors to be determined by you.

no kidding. (i have weird friends.)

Cindy said...

But where were the Knights of Neep?

Annie said...

Rick, the alpaca both felted better and felt better. E-mail with the details about your order.

Cindy, I'm glad you knew what I was talking about!

rilera said...

Bunny rescue! I wish you had taken a picture of Mom wearing the beret! That would be fun, and hurray for the indigo bunting! What a fun day you've had.

Esther's Writing Works said...

What a delightfully refreshing read. Thanks! I adore your blues and purples.

Olga said...

Hey, it looked like you spun a shoe lace outta that rabbit fur, the ultimate luxury ;o)

cornbread hell said...

talk about a great product idea!olga hit it on the...shoelace.