Friday, May 9, 2008


Blades arrived back yesterday all sharpened and shiny. Let the shearing begin!


Turtle said...

You are going to be so busy! Shearing, washing, dying, spinning..... can I come over!!??? smile!

Cinnamin said...

I just cannot wait to see before and after pics! ;)

How much wool will this shearing make? You do the coolest things!

How is your Mom doing? Any new art??

rilera said...

Annie, How exciting! How many people does it take to shear a llama or alpaca? Are they patient? I'll bet they will be grateful to lose their long, thick winter coats now that summer is on it's way!

How's your Mom?

Annie said...

Turtle, sure, come on over, but I will put you to work!

Cinn and Robyn, I'll answer your questions in a shearing post when the time comes, k?

Mom is doing good.