Saturday, June 21, 2008


All done with this cutting. 165 (or was it 166?) bales stacked in my barn. 165 bales stacked in my neighbor's barn. I am thrilled! It is beautiful, no rain, leafy green, no pesticide/herbicide/or any other kind of -cide hay. Can I hear a yeehaw?

Everybody was baling like crazy this week. There were hay wagons going by filled to the rim, and of course the driver would wave in commiseration/camaraderie. The time the truck went by with the trailer of 5 or 6 round bales, we knew that wave was full of gloating. I could almost hear the guy saying, "Suckers!" Round bales are much less physical work. The small squares like we bale are very labor intensive, with each bale being handled probably four or five times by the time it is stacked in the barn.

My favorite shirt worked like a charm! I may need to just cut off that one hem though. It separated again. Now to see if my sewing will make it through the wash!


Cinnamin said...

Yeehaw! And congrats on the barn filled with hay!

Glad to hear that your shirt held up through another work day! :)

flintysooner said...

This year our farm is in wheat that will become hay if our guys can get in and cut it. Out at Judy's I saw them cutting today.

Soon though we will have those huge round bales strewn across the pasture. Somehow it always reminds me of Stonehenge.

Good going on your crop and your shirt!

rilera said...

Alright Annie! Good job! That must feel good to know you have so much hay and that it is all baled. Our weather has been beautiful for the last week hasn't it? Good balin' weather.

Turtle said...

yeehaw~! Although i do not remember other vt farmers ever yeehawing, smile! One huge thing off the check list!