Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can This Shirt Be Saved?

My favorite shirt has seen better days.

On the left side, a hole at the top of the sleeve, at the cuff, and at the top where it meets the collar.

On the right side, again holes at the top of the sleeve, at the cuff, (plus llama spit stains at the cuff and up the sleeve) and where it meets the collar and button placket. As a matter of fact,

the button placket is totally separated from the shirt, just hanging by a thread at the bottom hem, which is also partially separated from the rest of the shirt.

It started out life a much darker blue. It was my "dress" denim shirt. I don't get dressed up much. Black jeans are "dress up." Generally, if anything dressier is required, that is someplace I don't want to be.

Looking at some pictures, I was wearing it when my friend P got engaged. That was 1997, I think. Thinking back, I was probably wearing it when she met her husband too, the year before.

It is a heavier weight denim, which now makes it perfect for chores around here. The deer flies and skeeters can't bite through it. Very important! It protects my arms when I am out chopping burdock and thistle too. Did you know that hay is very pokey? I have to wear long sleeves or my arms look like they have a rash from all the little pokes into the skin. This shirt is perfect to protect my arms from that.

My sister says it is time to give it a proper burial. I just can't.

I pulled out the sewing machine.

Look Ma, no more holes!

Just in time for baling!

(This post inspired by the Mary Chapin Carpenter song, "This Shirt". )


Joy said...

Good job! I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)

Olga said...

Ok, 2 points for 're-do,re-use and use-up' but what frightens me is the thought that if you keep a rag like that around, what else are you hiding in your house??! And if it's junk mail from 1987- I'm calling in help.

Turtle said...

good for you! i also have a favorite, pair of jeans! hubby keeps threatening to throw it away but nope!

Annie said...

Olga, a rag! You called my favorite shirt a rag? I've seen photos of your couch! Hahaha!

MJ said...

Um, what are ya gonna do about the llama spit stain? hehehehe

Cinnamin said...

Annie *kudos* to you, you miracle worker! Hay makes me itch too!