Monday, June 23, 2008


If you are an employee of the US Postal Service, I apologize. I'm sure they do have some perfectly intelligent, nice, hard-working people working for them.

Last December, I sent a package using the large flat rate box, with my return address written clearly on it, as well as the recipient's name and address clearly written on the box. It never got there.

Unfortunately, it contained two 7 foot triangular shawls, one of handspun 100% natural brown/rust alpaca, and the other a custom dyed, alpaca/merino/silk blend, also handspun. And two pairs of handspun handknit alpaca socks. About a year's worth of work.

In late December, I inquired at the post office here in town, and the postmaster said it must just be the Christmas rush, give it a while. In January, the postmaster assured me she would follow up on it, because the tracking showed that delivery was attempted, but the person had moved, so the package was coming back. He hasn't moved, and I never got the package back. In February, I checked again with the post office, and the postmaster admitted that she had not followed up yet, but would do so.

I finally just submitted my insurance claim. I would much rather have the package than the money, but I obviously wasn't getting any attention. After a month had passed since I submitted the claim, I inquired at the post office, and the postmaster said it would be several months.

So now I get a letter from the claims department, stating that the insurance fee paid indicated on the claim form was incorrect. They needed a response within 30 days, or the claim would be denied.

That part of the claim form is completed by the postal employee. So they send the letter to me, to correct their employee's mistake, and I have to do it within 30 days, and pay postage on my response letter correcting their mistake. I know the postage isn't much, it's the principal of the thing, you know? I think they figure that a lot of people won't respond within the time frame they allow, so then they can deny the claim. I had insured it for a goodly sum.

So I pulled out my copy of the claim form, and the insurance receipt, and low and behold the area they say is incorrect, is correct. WTF? I have a call in to the claims department, someone is supposed to look into it and call me back this afternoon.


Ok, looking at the claim form again, I can see where the mistake is. The postal employee here who filled out the form, indicated the total fee , postage and insurance fee, where it looks like they are supposed to indicate the postage fee. So that means the letter is wrong too!

I just got a call back from the claims department. She said that the insurance fee I was charged was wrong, so the computer wouldn't accept it. She says that they have corrected the issue, and I should get the check in 10 days.

I would still much rather have the shawls and socks back!


Turtle said...

so sorry for the loss of your knit goodies, that is truly sad. I had to laugh as my mom, former stepfather and his dad all have worked for the post office forever! I constantly call my mom to complain about the postal folk, sadly she agrees. She is one of the good ones and is so counting down her last two years till retirement!

rilera said...

That is so disheartening to lose something that you worked so hard on. Don't give up hope, it could still turn up!

Anonymous said...

As we say down here, Bless Your Heart. Your story is exactly why I use UPS instead of USPS whenever possible. A big Poor Baby comin' at ya.

cornbread hell said...

only have a minute. sure looking forward to catching up on your blog soon, though.

you can expect plenty of usps postage and a glue-stick in the mail. soon. i promise...


Annie said...

Rick, you are as cryptic as ever. A gluestick?