Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Haven

Sorry, I can't resist showing last night's sunset. My appreciation of the sky the last few days was tempered a bit last night when they showed a county in SE MN under civil emergency due to the flooding. Those dramatic clouds that only dropped an inch or two here dropped several inches to the south of me. I sort of feel guilty for enjoying their beauty.

I anticipate that Mom and I will be spending a lot of the summer right here.

I got this screen room last year. It saved us from the skeeters and deer flies.

This furniture, however, is new. Well, new to me. I picked it up on Saturday between rain storms. Have I mentioned that I love Freecycle? Yep, these were almost free. It did cost me about $8.00 in gas to go get them. The cushions are only a couple of years old, and with some scrubbing to remove some mildew stains, are perfectly fine. The arm of one chair needed reglueing, and the arm of the chaise needed a couple of screws. It broke off when we loaded it into the truck. There are woven metal slats that act as the seat supports/springs, and one of them was missing the little hook that attached it to the eye bolt attaching to the wood frame. A bit of fence wire fixed that right up. So for less than an hour of fixing and picking up, a couple of screws, some fence wire, and a couple of gallons of gas, I have some very comfortable outdoor furniture.

The person I got them from said that if she were a fixing up kind of person, they would have been fixed and she wouldn't have had to get new furniture. OK, I don't understand that mentality, but her loss is my gain, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, being a lady of leizure, I must go sit on my new furniture in the gazebo and sip some lemonade. I was going to say a mint julip, but I don't even know what that is, or how to spell it. Sounds fancy, though, doesn't it?


Cindy said...

If, by fancy you mean alcoholic. And, very minty. I love your outside room. You will enjoy it immensely. I don't really understand the "not fixing up" type mentality either, but then, I am not a wealthy woman;-)

Robin said...

Wow...looks like a great place to spend the summer. Can I come sit with you guys? We could knit!

rilera said...

Annie, I like your new summer haven! It's going to be fun to sit and enjoy the lovely summer days in there!