Monday, June 2, 2008

Wall of Junk* begins

One short look around my garage was all it took. I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud of that. There is plenty more, like a box of wooden chair parts (legs, spindles, seats) to use, but have to work on that. I want to fashion a "garden man" (ETA: Oops, that should be green man) face somehow. Also, it needs more color.

Mom has been funny lately. Yesterday morning she was up early, and she came into my bedroom, took one of the sandals I use as "house shoes" (as opposed to the sturdier, use outside in the muck shoes) and put it up my sleeve. Then she proceeded to tuck me in tightly, shoving me around until the sheet was well and good tucked under me. So there I am, in bed with a shoe up my sleeve and tucked in like a mummy so I couldn't move. Later, she took a length of roving, put it under my shirt from the bottom, then out the neck hole, and tied it. I imagine it will start a new fashion trend.

* My art history friend (she works at the Getty) said that it is actually a multi-media-dimensional-Ican'trememberwhatelseshesaid-piece. Ok, but I'm still calling it my wall of junk.


Cindy said...

Or, your wall of Junque? I love your stories about your Mom. And, the pictures in the beret? Those are priceless. Yes. The mosquitoes are becoming more than a little bad 'round these parts;-)

Cinnamin said...

This is just so cool! I love the WALL idea! :)

cornbread hell said...

lookin' good, ann.

i wish i'd had a camera today. i saw a lawn crew trailer today. it was full of mowers, edgers, etc...but the back gate was covered in kids' toys: from small teddy bears and my little ponies to who knows what else. it was awesome.

you should ask mom to help with the wall? (can of worms, that...)

Annie said...

Thanks guys!

I finished the green man. I like him!

Rick, Mom will probably rearrange the wall to her liking. Or take it all off and hide it from me. Like in the washing machine. Love the trailer!