Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turkey on a Hot Tin Roof

Here's a very blurry photo of the wild turkey that is living in my pastures raising about 10 babies. I'm not sure what she was doing up there, but I was imagining the babies all lined up in a little row in the grass, watching mama as she lectured them on the finer points of wild turkey living.

The other day she was right behind the granary as Mom and I went out to water the llamas. She walked slowly away, keeping a close eye on us as her babies bobbed and wove around in back of her. It was hard to get an accurate count as they were running all over.

The other day I was hanging clothes on the line when I heard a marching band. The wind must have been coming from the right direction so I could hear it from town. The local high school marching band was probably gearing up for the big parade tomorrow. They celebrate big here in my little town. The population of around 1500 swells to 37000 for the 4th festivities. In addition to the big parade, there's an ice cream social, the Lions Club pancake breakfast, the craft fair, the tractor pull, the horseshoe tournament, the street dance, the two man underwear race at the beer garden, and it all culminates with the fireworks display. I think the fireworks noise would scare Mom, so we'll probably watch from the screen house here at home. We can see it just above the soybean field. In between the fireworks, we can watch the lightning bugs.


Olga said...

two man underwear race??!
Pleeeeeeze say you'll take a pic of that!!

Cindy said...

I have noticed, with my Mom, that too much confusion (i.e. people, running children, yelling, fireworks) is disturbing. She is almost always happiest on her deck in her yard enjoying her flowers,birds and lightening bugs. And, as time goes by, me, too. Enjoy your 4th.

Turtle said...

How nice, i missed our parade last weekend, was working. It is the fathoms of fun festival,,,,kiss any good toads lately? i missed that one along with the seagull calling contest. Enjoy your 4th! wow, how many turleys???