Thursday, August 7, 2008

Exciting Phone Call

For me at least. My mail carrier called me bright and early this morning, because I have a huge box to be delivered, and he wanted to know if I'd be home? Although my dispute with the USPO over the payment of my insurance claim hasn't been settled, I know that I am hugely lucky with my small town post office.

So anyway, yep, I'm going to be home, but we agreed that he is going to leave it at the gate, because I never know if the llamas will have snuck out of their temporary fencing and are wandering the yard. Or if Mom will be wandering the yard.

Why is it so exciting? It is some of my fiber back from the mill. I don't even remember exactly what it is, but there should be a few pounds of heathered gray alpaca/wool/silk/angora roving, I think.

In the meantime, the rust alpaca is almost ready to come off the drying rack, so I am washing some white llama to take its place.

I'll update with photos later today.

We should be baling second cutting hay tomorrow. Woohoo! It got rained on a little bit last night, but I think it will still be ok.

Edited to add photos:

Over 2 lbs of alpaca/wool/silk/angora. This should spin up to a nice heather gray yarn. Of course, there is always overdyeing too.

I had forgotten about this one. It is llama/wool/silk, mostly gray with random streaks of purple and blue. I have almost ten pounds of this one.

I also have another ten pounds of white alpaca/wool/silk/nylon roving which makes great sock/mitten yarn. Let the dyeing commence!

This was all still from last year's clip. I am just getting to the skirting and washing of this year's clip. Oh my.


Cindy said...

Second cutting hay? That's wonderful. Guard llamas are not to be trifled with, I've heard. And, I'm so happy about your fiber. Can't wait to see it!

Turtle said...

My first thought was that your lost package was located!! But this is good too!!!