Friday, August 22, 2008


Asphalt ones, that is, not the disease.

Do you know how heavy a bundle of shingles is? I don't know either, other than really damn heavy!

The roofer finally finished everything up so I knew he wouldn't need anymore of the pile of leftover shingles. There are twelve bundles of them. I could have had him take most of them back, but the shed and garage will need new roofs before too long, so I decided to just keep them. I transferred them into the back of the shed yesterday.

I'm sad to admit they kicked my butt. I had to lift them into my garden cart, cart them into the shed as far as I could, then lift them out of the garden cart, and carry them several steps through a narrow path, hefting them up to about my chest to get them over all the other stuff in the shed.

I would never make it as a roofer.

Not only because I can't carry shingles. There was a piece of tin off the roof where the hay is stored, so the roofer fixed it for me. I remained firmly on the ground, thank you very much. As I was moving the pieces of bad tin into the barn to get it away from the animals, I scraped my leg on it. Just a scratch, but I figure I better head to the doctor on Monday for a tetanus shot. It is out of date, and it is probably a good idea anyway when living on a farm with animals and rusty stuff everywhere.

In "Bored Hen-wives" (Thanks, Olga!) news: The hens have switched. The previously flighty one to whom I had given the remaining eggs is now watching over the two chicks while the hen that actually hatched out the chicks is now sitting on the eggs. I was gone most of the day, so I don't know how long, or if, the nest had been abandoned while they worked out the switch. I'll give them two weeks, if a hen stays on the nest.


cornbread hell said...

about 80-90 lbs? i remember them weighing close to like a bag of portland (96lbs).

you really are my hero.

Cindy said...

I know a bundle of shingles weighs alot because we had one left over from our roofing job a few years ago and I had to move it. Not 12. Just 1. Sheesh. Tetanus a good idea. Every 10 years my doctor told me last year when I got another one. I'll be interested to know how the hens and chicks do. Have a good weekend.

rilera said...

You are super woman! Carrying around shingles, I couldn't do that! I hope you're not too sore today from that.

The chickens are fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

No wonder my hands are slightly sore then. Bales at least have strings to hold on to, these I had to grasp with my hands.

LostInCO said...

Smart to get a tetanus shot. Those shingles are heavy!