Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bored Hen Wives

Hey everybody, meet Charmin. My sister named him/her. He is the only hardy little thing to have survived the not terribly attentive nest sitting of Georgina the Flighty Hen. I discovered him late Thursday night. He was stuck in his shell as the membrane had dried around him. I pulled it away, and he was fine.

Georgina may not have been the best nest sitter, but she is being a good mama. When he is chirping loudly because he is cold, she stops eating, settles down, and lets him warm up under her wing. She is showing him the food and water, and he follows her around dutifully.

I wasn't sure how Esther (the other Hen Wife) and her two chicks would react, but they seem to be leaving Georgina and Charmin alone.

And now for a Mom story. My sister picked her up from the AD facility after the respite weekend, and brought her to her house for a while before meeting up with me. She had a few tomatoes sitting on her table from her garden. Mom was messing with them, she likes to stick her thumb in them and split them open. Mom told my sister, "Ann has a lot of these."

I was completely dumbfounded when my sister told me this. For one thing, she used my name. She remembered that I have a lot of tomatoes. And she expressed that thought. She really is in there. It's hard to remember that sometimes.


cornbread hell said...

thanks for the reminder. it's getting harder to *see* my mom by the day.

LostInCO said...

Charmin is cute! How big are the other 2 chicks now? I have nothing wise to say about your mom...but thanks for sharing.

J said...

I'm glad you got this Blessing from your mom. Little things like that mean so much more to those of us that are caring for loved ones with this disease.
Mom is beginning to take spells where she doesn't know me sometimes. At those times I'm 'that girl that takes care of me' but she doesn't realize I'm her daughter, J.

Cindy said...

I am not where you are with my Mom. I don't even know yet what's wrong. But, I do know that when big chunks are missing, those moments of lucidity are rare and precious. A beautiful gift. And Charmin is a sweetheart. Aren't chicks so dear?

Annie said...

Rick, we all need reminders.

Lostinco, the other two are huge in comparison. Their wings are mostly feathered out.

J, Mom hasn't known who I am for quite some time, so hearing that she used my name was a very special treat.

Cindy, do you have an appointment scheduled with your Mom?

rilera said...

What a wonderful thing to have your Mom remind you that she is still here. I'm so glad for you.

Turtle said...

love the mom reminder...a good day!

charmin is adorable. was at the fair today playing with the animals!

Cindy said...

Yes. It's the middle of October with a geriatric neurologist. And, I nominated you for an award.