Saturday, September 6, 2008


No, I haven't been shearing sheep in my kitchen again.

I did buy my first raw sheep fleece though. Over 9lbs of Cormo. It was discounted because of dirty tips.

Since I have never washed a sheep fleece before, I did wonder if I should do something about those tips first. A little experimenting was in order. Taking just a few locks, I got out the dog brush, and flicked the dirty tips open. Then I washed them in the sink. I also washed a couple of locks that I hadn't flicked.

Flicked on the left, unflicked on the right. To my eye, there is barely a difference. Certainly not enough to make me flick the whole fleece anyway. Look at that bright whiteness though. It will blend wonderfully with my alpaca fiber. The staple is about the same length, too. Did I mention it is incredibly soft?

It almost makes me want to add a few Cormo wethers to the farm. Tempting as it is, I have enough to take care of now though, I shouldn't add more. I guess I'll stick to buying fleece for now.

I am hoping to get everything washed and ready to go to the mill by Friday. I will be in her area, so I could drop it off. Better get back to work so that can actually happen.


rilera said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this gorgeous wool. Having a few sheep would be fun eventually. How's Mom doing and most important, how are you?

cornbread hell said...

i think you ought to get a couple of those cormos. you only live once.

LostInCO said...

A couple of sheep shouldn't be that much more work, should they??? The wool is lovely!

joyknits said...

Great looking wool - I've never done Cormo, but this looks like it should spin up nicely!

J said...

that looks sooo soft. enjoy your day.