Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greenman Update

Here he is when I put him up this spring. All freshly made and dewey.

Here he is now, after hanging out on the Wall of Junk all summer long, enduring the sun and wind and rain, and possibly a nibble or two from a curious llama.

He seems to have stretched some lengthwise, from hanging there all summer. His hair is falling into his eyes so you can't really see them, but they are still there.

I'd say he has held up pretty well. His color is nearly identical, which makes me happy. At least I know that my dyeing creates a dang lightfast color.

I'll take him down now, since his purpose is to create lush growth for the garden. The garden is pretty much done. Wait, I could create a white one like this, but with the fringe only on the bottom, so it would look like icycles? Winterman. Would that bring lush snow for the winter?


Cindy said...

Instead of white, why not blue? That way it would show up in the snow. I am impressed with your Greenman!

J said...

WOW the color barely changed. You Did Good, Woman!

Miss T said...

Love the Greenman!

I gave you a blog award today: http://mysteryhouse.typepad.com/miss_ts_mystery_house_of_/2008/10/arte-y-pico.html

Lona said...

I love your blog--and blogged about it here:


Olga said...

You ought to just leave him up. I was thinking the face looked like he was going Brrrrrrr.

LostInColor said...

look at that lightfastness! very nice.