Monday, November 3, 2008


Aren't they beautiful? I'm talking about the cabinets, although the bee hives are looking mighty nice too.

My friends came back yesterday and hung these cabinets for me. I was going to say helped me hang them, but really I kept Mom out of harms way while they did all the work.

These oak! cabinets were sitting in my garage for several years. I got them from Freecycle, but hadn't been able to put them up. Now they are off the floor and can be put to good use. I am trying to get the garage cleaned out to make room for a pallet of pellets for the stove. The store will deliver them right into the garage for me.

We also got the bee hives (not in use) stacked under them all tidily. I had wanted to use them, but for right now I think I don't need to add more beings to care for. I know a few of you keep bees, I may come to you for advice in the future.

The garage is starting to look like an organized person lives here. Amazing!


cornbread hell said...

bee hives! hot diggity!
do you have the frames too? if you ever decide to set them out i may have to come for a visit.

cornbread hell said...

oh. nice cabinets, too.

Cindy said...

You most definitely do not need bees right now. It'll be cool when you can, though. The cabinets are lovely and so much more useful than sitting on the floor. The garge is lookin' good!

J said...

WoW oak cabinets! they look great. I'm also glad to see that you are in good spirits.
Those colors turned out great from your dyepot. You are so talented.

LostInColor said...

Nice cabinets! Careful with those hives. Had a friend who had empty hives on her place and some honey bees took residence! WEll now she has honey, so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing! :)

Annie said...

Rick, yes, most of them are full of frames too. I even have an extractor, I think you can see it in the lower right. Maybe the beekeeper readers will chime in and let me know just exactly how much work is involved?

Cindy, it is amazing how much more floor I have, too.

Thanks J!

Lostincolor, it might be problematic having all those bees in the garage, but I sure would love the honey!

Anonymous said...

It feels so good to get things in order! Congratulations!
Those cabinets got a nice new home!!

gr8aunt (Amanda)