Monday, November 24, 2008

New toys

On my day off I ventured into a big box toy store. Loud plastic stuff R Us. The first time I've ever been in one. It was quickly overwhelming, so I got what I wanted and got the hell out as fast as I could.

Does anything about this box look familiar? Or would look familiar to Mom? Take a close look at that top. Remind you of anything?

Mom decided it reminded her of the carrying holes in the bench. Remember the holes she poured her drinks into? Yeah, those holes. You know how you can see something is about to happen, and everything sort of slows down except for the thing that is about to happen. I saw her look, but she was too fast for me, I couldn't prevent her from pouring her chocolate milk down the holes. Luckily, there was only about 1/4 inch left in the bottom of the cup, but I still had to dump everything out and wash them down. All 100 pieces of them.

My nephew gave up his beads on the wire thingy since he has long ago outgrown it. Mom likes to twirl the beads around. I seem to have lost my counterspace, but it was nice when I was cooking supper last night. I could redirect Mom's attention from the stove over to the counter to play with the blocks. It helped immensely.


cornbread hell said...

your mom is a stitch!
from this distance,anyway.

LostInColor said...

oh I couldn't tell those were holes in the lid! Luckily it wasn't a full cup!

Cindy said...

I knew what they looked like, but couldn't remember what she did with it. Love her heart. She's a stinker. And, chocolate milk is such a joy to clean up.

Annie said...

Rick, she sure is when you're not the one cleaning up after her. Ok, she is even then. You should visit to experience her first hand though.

LostinColor, I'm very thankful it was just a little bit.

Cindy, can you imagine the smell in about a week if I didn't know it had happened? Eeeew!