Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We don't need no stinkin' title.

I've been working on this sock. 36 stitches on #3 needles. 1 by 1 rib the full length. I just finished turning the heel. The non-knitters reading this are looking at the picture saying, that's a sock? Wtf? Trust me, it's a sock. See those stitches on the bottom needle? Those will be on the bottom of the foot. I'll pick up stitches from either side of that long flap, which will form the gusset and continue knitting down the sock to the toe. Gusset? The gusset fills in that large gap you currently see.

I can see readers dropping from boredom. I'll give up on explaining how a sock is knit. I'm surprised anybody reads this blog anyway, given there is no real focus. I'm thankful for you all for sticking it out this long!

Ok, before I get too sappy, distract them with something sparkly.

The frost on the car window this morning was pretty. I sense a colorway coming on again.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised anybody reads this blog anyway, given there is no real focus. I'm thankful for you all for sticking it out this long!

I read your blog because your near daily postings are the art of an everyday reality that you love. Whatever the subject or posting of the day is about, it doesn't matter because it is like a "Howdy, neighbor" kind of news. Everyday stuff that would never be blasted across the TV "news". If each one of your postings were a square for a quilt, you would have one heck of a beautiful quilt in the end (whenever that may be). It is bits of your life in your view that any reader can relate to and connect with in some way. An artist isn't just an artist when they are making their "art". Your life is becoming another work of art. Yes? And I write in thanks for the daily inspirations. Thank you for writing!

Now for my burning question of the day; why is the heel the first to blow out on a sock?

Mare said...

Honestly i wish you would go on and on about knitting socks! i just learned how to knit and am now in the process of learning how to knit a mitten with double pointed needles and circular needles using the "magic loop" method. All of this is in preparation to learn how to knit socks! Don't worry too much about your blog having no particular focus...Focusing on life is enough! Happy Thanksgiving to You and your Mom!

Lily said...

I'm just curious to know if anyone found your blog by googling bottom and gusset.

sophanne said...

I like your Maple Corner sky picutres and I like your mother's art. I like reading about alpaca poo and I like that you are such a compassionate daughter. That's why I read. Just so you know.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, don't go knockin' your blog like that!

Whether you write about your animals, or fiber arts, or mom, or beauty of nature around you, it's always interesting and REAL. Personally I feel we have gotten so far away from living anything close to a natural life that we all would benefit by re-learning how to work with our hands, care for animals and each other.

What you write about is what people subconsciously know they are missing . . . and crave.

Blog on, Annie, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom!

Annie said...

Wow, thanks everyone. I wasn't expecting this. That sentence was my way of saying I'm thankful for you! The closest I get to a "What am I thankful for" Thanksgiving post. It's very interesting hearing why people read. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Cindy said...

I read because I like you. Hope you and your Mom have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

JudyP613 said...

I read every day. And if too many days go by without an entry I start to fuss. I know I've said this before but your daily life is so different from mine that it is absolutely fascinating. I know nothing about knitting but this morning you've got me wondering, who figured that out for the first time.

cornbread hell said...

happy thanksgiving to you and mom.