Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I did some blending the other day. This is llama/wool/silk/mohair partially overdyed with raspberry, then blended together with a touch of raspberry sparkly stuff. Angelina, I think it's called. I have just over 6 oz. I'm thinking of putting it up for sale, if I could ever get a decent picture of it. I seem to be having problems with that lately.

I gave my sister her yarn on Saturday. She likes it, and started knitting her scarf. This is where she was when we left around 10:30 pm on Saturday. By noon Sunday, she sent a photo of a 9 inch long scarf, and it is now around 13 inches. Yesterday, while at work, she had a coughing fit that left her basically unable to inhale. Luckily, they have a great safety room equipped with oxygen, so they were able to put her on that until the ambulance arrived. They checked her out, but she refused a ride to the hospital because the oxygen had done the trick. She went to the doctor, and they are treating her for whooping cough, although they didn't culture anything. Whooping cough was going around her work, so they are treating her for it anyway. She is home today, resting and knitting.

She told me something her son (6) had said to her on Saturday. He was sorry that Grandma's (Mom)brain was broke, and that he knows she (my sister) misses her (Mom). Waaaah!


Mama Pea said...

Ah, yes, bless the little children . . .

Happy New Year to you and your mom. Don't either one of you imbibe too much tomorrow night! :o)

sophanne said...

Sometimes I think about you and your mom when I'm not reading blogs- just so you know. It's funny how "strangers" can find a way into your heart.

rilera said...

Pertussis (whooping cough) has made a big comeback and the vaccines we received as kids are no longer protecting us.

I like the new stuff you dyed, it's gorgeous.

What your nephew said brings tears to my eyes. Kids are so perceptive!

How's the bunny rabbit? Do you still have her?

Annie said...

Mama Pea, Happy New Year to you and yours too!

Sophanne, that is a very sweet thing to say. Thank you.

Robyn, the bunny is doing great. She is snug outside in the chicken coop part of the granary, in a large wire dog kennel with several inches of hay as the bottom. The chicken coop is the only outbuilding that is very predator proof, so she is in there for now until I can get a proper hutch for her.

Cindy said...

Thank goodness they had oxygen at sis' work. Damn, that is frightening. As for the little one? I'll relate our youngest (22) acceptance of her Grammy's AD when we chat. It made our Christmas quite bittersweet. Major hugs to you and Mom!