Thursday, January 29, 2009

Detective work

I've finally figured something out. It only took me three years.

Mom likes to carry things around while she is doing her wandering. I try to put anything terribly important, or unsafe things, in a drawer or cabinet. As you can imagine, I only have so much drawer/cabinet space. As a result, I spend a good amount of time looking for things.

Last night, I looked in the place where I try to keep the television remote. Instead, there was a toy that Mom likes to play with. I looked to see what Mom was currently carrying. A potato. Looked to the shelf where the potatoes are stored, there is a building block. Looked to the table where most of the building blocks stay, and there is the remote. She usually will leave one thing when she picks up another to carry around. I just have to follow the trail.

We had hoarfrost a few days ago. By the time I got out there, every little puff of wind would blow a little more from the trees.


Cindy said...

We do not have hoar frosts here. I have only seen one in my life. Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. It was exquisite. Like yours. Love the puppy butts.

cornbread hell said...

a clued scavenger hunt. cool.

Joy said...

You're developing some great tracking skills :) Love the frost photos, and the dogs!

stringplay said...

What amazing pictures!

Mama Pea said...

Wow! The last pic looks like chenille hoarfrost. Beautiful!

bulletholes said...

I likwe the one on the single strand. Looks like feathers.
Hi Annie!