Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I did some roving dyeing on my weekend off. As usual, I ran them through the spin cycle of the washing machine, then hung them on a peg on the shelf over my living room windows to finish drying. As I was about to take them down when they were dry, I noticed something.

The things I normally have hanging on the pegs (although I do put the snowman away once spring rolls around) rather matched their respective rovings. I may have done it subconsciously, but I thought I just hung em up to dry.

Here they are wound into skeins. I am very pleased with the yellow/orange/raspberry one, not thrilled with the green/blue (too limey)and eh about the lavender/blue one.

I also got to the eye doctor on Saturday. My eyes have actually improved,(no bifocals needed yet!) so my current glasses are a little too strong, which is probably causing the headaches. The new glasses are due in on the 2nd, and guess what color they are.

The view from my front porch a few days ago.


cornbread hell said...

re: noticing something...like mother like daughter. just naturally (subconsciously) artistic.

re: improved eyesight...hooray!

re: guess the color?...raspberry?

rilera said...

I love all of the rovings colors. They are beautiful.

I hope that the new glasses help.

How'd Mom do at the Spa? :-)

Linda Sue said...

Your rovings are beautiful!

Annie said...

Rick, nope, guess again.

Mom did great at the Spa. Less wandering than she usually does there.

Thanks Linda Sue!

cornbread hell said...


Sarah said...

Your colors are beautiful. I really like the blue/green one. I call that green celery and it goes with everything!

Lily said...

Are you short-sighted? I am and my eyesight has improved as I've grown older - apparently the tendency to become more long-sighted as we age has balanced things out a bit. Love the peg decorations - I thought your mum had been at work again!

Cindy said...

Your rovings are beautiful. I'm glad your eyesight has improved and you'll be getting your new glasses soon. Are the glasses a blue/gray? The other combination I'm thinking is pink.

Mama Pea said...

Welcome back from your weekend, Annie.

Glad your mom did well at the Spa. The weekend away was probably a good adventure for her. (We all need to see new sights now and then!)

I love the yellow/orange/rasp roving and really like the green/blue/not-too-limey one.

Your pic of the front porch view is gaw-geous!

New glasses frame color? I'm guessing black. That's what my last ones are. We must try for sophistication, you know. HA! :o)

Annie said...

Pinkle, hahaha. Nope, Cindy is correct with the blue guess. Lily and Rick, I take the mother like daughter comments as a compliment. Thank you.

Mama Pea, sophistication? Hahaha!

Claire said...

Love, love, love the green-blue-perfectly limey one. It's my fave!