Thursday, February 5, 2009


Blue fiber. (Alpaca, Cormo, silk)

Blue sky.

Blue glasses.

Current mood.

Not blue. Not plied.


Cindy said...

Love your roving, sky and new glasses. They look fab on you! And, the unplied singles? A summer sunset in yarn.

cornbread hell said...

groovy glasses.

are your eyes blue, too? or green?

Annie said...

Cindy, I can't decide if I want to ply the singles. I love the color as it is. I just like looking at it in the cake.

Rick, eyes are blue/gray.

rilera said...

Blue eyes...

That blue roving is lovely! Your colors are so amazing.

Are those your new glasses?

Lily said...

I've been meaning to ask, what's the translation of the quote from Kant?