Thursday, February 12, 2009





I've shown the top two here already, but thought it might be nice to show the progression. It is time for me to learn the Navajo ply. I want to do a yarn that doesn't mix up the colors so much in the plying process.

The black alpaca/ angora mix in roving form. I'm spinning it as fine as I can. There is so little angora (the part that shows as white in the photo, but is actually light gray) that it shows up as the barest of gray flecks. I'm curious to see what the yarn will look like. Black with gray flecks ya think?


Mama Pea said...

Oooooh, both delicious, yummy colors to my mind and taste! Be sure to let us see how the black/gray one does turn out.

Linda Sue said...

I want to KISS IT! Love the alpaca and angora blend, also! Must be very satisfying to spin! MMMMMMM!

Cindy said...

mmmmmmmmmm, could be;-P The sunrise/sunset yarn is lovely. Whachyagonnamake?

Claire said...

Lovely photographs of the progression. The singles one makes me wish I was a little bird, so that I could settle into the center of that single and make it into my warm little nest.

Cindy said...

I have awarded you! Ignore or enjoy. Your choice;--)