Friday, March 6, 2009

Killer Maples

I think my trees are trying to kill me. At the very least, they are making me miserable. Right around this time of year for the past couple of years, I get allergies. I never had them before, so I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. For a while, I thought it was those pesky Asian Ladybeetles, because it seemed to happen when the beetles start getting active again when the sun warms the windows in February. When they bite me, I get a huge welt too. Come on, it's not like anything blooms in February around here!

I found out today using the trusty Google, that maple tree allergies usually start in February in my area. Bingo. There is a reason I call this place Maple Corners. I have maple trees all around me. Lovely.

The site I found also said that allergies can cause mental dullness and fatigue. I'm totally using that as my excuse for my mental dullness. I forgot to close the chicken coop door last night. Everybody is fine, but the stupid roosters were right outside my window this morning before 6 crowing their fool heads off.

Pardon me, I must blow my nose now. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Can any allergy sufferers out there recommend a seriously non-drowsy OTC allergy medication? I can't take anything that might knock me out or make me loopy(er), I have to remain able to be on full alert with Mom, of course.


sabine said...

Hiya Annie-- sorry about the allergies... I take a Chinese herb called Pe Min Kan Wan. I swear by it. There is a second one too, called Bi Yan Pian that is great too. I buy the stuff by the caseload in Chinatown at a Chinese pharmacy. You can buy it online too, but online it's spendy! How about I send you a bottle, and if it works I'll pick up a supply for you too?

Annie said...

It's not a tea, is it? You know how much I like hot liquids. :)

Lily said...

PEE MINKIN' WAN!! You're right sabine, it does make a good oath!

Cindy said...

I have not use that, but I'm interested to hear if it helps. If you feel like you need a boost, email me. I have something that is completely natural and might help. K? Have a wonderful weekend.

rilera said...

Hi Annie, I use Flonase. It comes in a generic and is a nasal spray. It doesn't make me loopy or tired. My allergies start up in February also. Go figure.

anncrafts said...

I use Claritin which is now over the counter and it doesn't make me drowsy. Works pretty well too. I'm going to have to watch out for the maples too!