Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday Mom and I went to my sister's place, then the three of us went eagle watching on the Mississippi. The eagle congregate here as they follow the open water north. There were a lot of eagles!

It was a beautiful, sunny, 50+ day. We walked with Mom along the river, and at one point tried to stop to take a photo of her. She was having none of that, and kept pulling us along. She refused to stop. It must have tuckered her out as she fell asleep as soon as we got back in the car. It was a really nice day.

On the way home, I was admiring the sunset and finally had to pull over to take a photo. It was a deserted county road, so no worries there. I was trying to beat the sunset, and started snapping photos as soon as I turned the camera on.

I forgot that I had it on manual focus.

I like the first one better!


Cindy said...

It's getting toward the end of eagle watching season here. They're on the move. Beautiful picture. And, that first pic of the sunset screams roving.

rilera said...

Beautiful photos.

I have a trip to Wabasha to the National Eagle center on my to do list.

I'm glad you were able to spend some relaxation time with your Mom. Cherish those moments.

Annie said...

Robyn, that is exactly where we were. My old stomping grounds. If you mean it is on your list for this year, do it soon! They won't be there for a whole lot longer.

Annette said...

Nature does provide you with some stunning scenes around where you live. We have to drive off somewhere to get an uncluttered view of the sunset.

Cinnamin said...

Just beautiful! I think I may have to pack up the house and move! I want this kind of inspiration each day - Thanks for posting these!

bulletholes said...

I like that first sun pic too!
Hi Annie!