Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Your helpful hint of the day: When you're having 30-40 miles per hour wind, just open your windows. Pretty soon, all of the dust bunnies will be blown out from under your couch and other heavy furniture. Then just sweep them up! No heavy furniture moving required. Isn't that handy?

I'm knitting a hat for a friend. She lives in California, but is going river rafting in Alaska soon. She needs a hat. So I'm knitting away, thinking, wow, this seems too big. Is this too big? It seems too big. After a couple of inches of thinking this, I finally thread a yarn through it and take it off the needles. I thought I was knitting a hat. Turns out, I was actually knitting her a tight-fitting sweater. Oy. I've started over.


flintysooner said...

Where I live 30-40 is just a breeze and if you open your windows you will have dirt clods rather than dust bunnies.

Funny on the hat, or the sweater. Made me laugh.

Lily said...

I think you should unpick the yarn you threaded through it and just stitch about an inch together in the middle of one open end and thread elastic through the other - a girl needs big warm pants in Alaska!

rilera said...

LOL! I think it would mess my house up even more :)

Most of my stuff is never the right size even when I check my gauge.

Beth P. said...

Hi Annie,
I am a new visitor to your blog, and I will be a regular!
I recently helped with an Alpaca shearing day too. It started at 8:00am and by 4:00pm 97 Alpacas had been shorn. Seriously fun!!

I work in a really good long-term care facility, I am very impressed by your bravery and dedication to your Mom.

Beth P. in Maryland

Cindy said...

So that's the trick. Open the windows on a windy day!

Julene said...

Hello! I just found your blog the other day and I'm reading through your archives. Your blog is so bittersweet, reminding me of caring for my grandmother who had AD. I'm also a spinner and knitter, too, and so I should tell you that this particular post made me laugh until I cried! Thanks for sharing this, and everything else... Hugs,