Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The locust tree

I have several locust trees in my front yard. They grow like weeds. So much so, that I will be digging up several out of the yard to give to my cousin.

They are late to leaf out. This spring I had two slightly misguided but well-intentioned people, on separate occasions, tell me I should cut those dead trees down. Are you kidding? Check them out.

The tree itself does look craggy and old man-ish.

The leaves and flowers though are delicate and lacy. The flowers have a heavenly aroma, that I don't find cloying like lilac can tend to be. Don't let the lacy bit fool you though, it also bears 1/2" to 1" thorns on the branches.

One day a couple of years ago, I walked outside to head to the mailbox, and heard a loud buzzing. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, so started down toward the gate. The buzzing got louder. I realized that the locust trees were covered in thousands of bees, all busily working away. I'm glad the trees help feed the local bee population.


Cindy said...

And, let's not forget the sound of the wind in the leaves and the glorious summer shade.

Mama Pea said...

I love living in northern Minnesota (35+ years now) but still do so miss the variety of deciduous trees back in a more tempered climate (Illinois). I envy you your gorgeous old trees.

punkin said...

I have a rare variety of weeping birch tree in my front yard, and for the first 10 years numerous people stopped to tell me something was wrong with my birch tree. Too funny.

MJ said...

Locust trees are in the pea family. If this is a black locust (most common), be careful, the seeds are poisonous and can be fatal!

ellen said...

I love that scent too. Locust and clover are scents that bring me back to my childhood and (apparently) can't be duplicated in the chemistry lab.

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