Thursday, July 30, 2009


Imagine this fiber

spun into a fine single, knit into this edging,

and applied all along the edge here.

Would that work? I also imagine incorporating a small bead like this, maybe into each point of the edging? That might be overkill.

(Image from here.)

There is a slight problem with this whole scenario though. I can't knit lace. You'll notice the edging photo above has a strategically placed envelope? Yeah, it is hiding this.

I think I missed a knit row, which then made me start knitting the triangle the other way. Or something. I just know that last triangle is wrong. So very wrong. It is a pitifully easy pattern too. I'm hopeless.

Maybe I could use the fiber spun into a fine single, and use that to do blanket stitch around the edge, incorporating one of the beads into each stitch?


Lily said...

I like the blanket stitch much better, it goes with the whole felted look in a way that lace doesn't. Also, I think a vibrant red, while contrasting well, would take attention away from the lovely subtle sea green hues of the piece.

Annie said...

Lily, I used the red for demonstration purposes only. I would spin the fiber pictured and use that to do the lace. But again, lace!

Sarah said...

I think the lace would be great! Don't give up on it - with a little practice you can knit it. If you could get a few triangles right, you can do them all and each one will get easier.