Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Blessed Bovine

If you're not familiar with the saga of the Blessed Bovine, click on the Blessed Bovine label over on the right to read all about it.

This is the Blessed Bovine herself. She looks fat and happy.

This is her newest calf. Pica, I think the name is.

This is Flower's (the calf featured in the BB saga)calf. Diddy. Or maybe the BB's calf is named Diddy, and Flower's calf is named Pica. I don't remember. No matter their names, they sure are cute.

The weekend was a mixed bag, but still a lot of fun. We would no sooner get the hay raked and maybe one load baled, and it would rain lightly, just enough that we couldn't bale anymore. We finally were able to finish up on Sunday, each with 180 or so bales in the barn. I say we, but really it was my friends and neighbors that did the finishing up. I managed to sprain my ankle on Sunday just as we were about to start picking up bales. The girls took me to the ER while the guys, with the help of the neighbor and her girls, stacked the hay.

I'm lucky it happened when it did, with friends still here, and Mom not. There ended up being an opening at the AD unit, so she was there for the weekend. She is able to stay there until Wednesday, then my sister will pick her up and bring her back here. My sister is trying to get Family Medical Leave for a couple of days, so she can come and take care of Mom during the day. I know I can't keep up with her right now. As difficult as it is for me to let happen, it is one of those cases where I have to let myself heal, so I can continue to take care of Mom.

Meanwhile, the neighbor is taking care of my animals. I'm doing ok on the level surfaces of the house, but the uneven ground outside is expressly forbidden. I keep thinking of all the things I could be doing outside since Mom isn't here, but I just need to stop. Easier said than done though.


Cyndi B. said...

Heal fast and feel better!

cornbread hell said...


rilera said...

Thanks for the update on the BB, you and your mom. I'm sorry to hear that you have sprained your ankle. That was always one of my fears too when I was still caregiving. I had no one to help me out also. Take care and stay off that ankle. ((HUGS))

Mama Pea said...

Sending thoughts and prayers for fast healing of that ankle. Something like that sure slows you down!

bulletholes said...

I just read all about Ol Blessed Bovine. i'd have had a hard time not slaughtering any anmal that lay down on my aspberry patch.
See, we don't have Raspberries down here, but when I lived in Detroit as a boy, I knew where every Raspberry bush in the neighborhood was, and made the rounds weekly to pick them clean.
Rhubarb too, carried packs of sugar with me.
Lucky I weren't shot. Probably might have been.

Annie said...

Bulletholes, I actually had a bumper crop of raspberries that year, so she didn't bother them.