Friday, August 14, 2009

Cheap but Effective Doodad Storage

One day last winter, I admired a fellow knitter's little storage container. Oh, she said, it is just a cheapo pencil holder from Wally World. I filed that bit of info away. A couple of weeks ago, we were there and they had started their back to school push. I went searching, and sure enough, in a two for a dollar bin, was what I sought.

A pencil holder. Or knitting/spinning doodad holder. Undo that little snap, out slides the box, but with a stop so it doesn't slide all the way out, and you can fit all kinds of crap in there.

Most of this stuff was just loosely stored in the bottom of a drawer in my living room. Now it is all contained in the boxes. My dpns even fit, although at a slight angle. The needle gauge just barely fits, but it does. Eventually, I'll be so organized that I'll keep one in the drawer, and one in my project bag. I'm not quite there yet!

We are having bad luck with the hay again. It was cut Tuesday, with a forecast of sunny skies all the way until Saturday night. Yep, it rained yesterday. Quite a bit. Today is bright and sunny, so the neighbor came to rake it to get it off the ground. Rake didn't work. After we looked at it, with her husband on the phone describing what we should be looking at, we determined that the piece was missing! So she started walking home (a mile away?) trying to find the piece, in case it fell off on her way over. I haven't heard from her. We need to get the hay off the ground so it doesn't mold, but can't because the rake is broke. 50% chance of rain Saturday night, and 70% chance on Sunday. We are not happy farmers.


rilera said...

What a neat idea! I actually have one of those, it's purple too.

cornbread hell said...

good luck with the hay/rake/weather.
(i bet your mom could find it.)

Cindy said...

Baby, seven eleven. Roll the dice. Be a farmer. I don't know how you do it. Happy weekend!!!

Annie said...

Rick, I bet you're right, but I wouldn't want her out walking in the heat. She didn't find it, but was able to borrow a rake. Baling is set for tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Excellent idea. I've been looking for a better storage system for my DPN's.