Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Nice Fall Day

I know, it is still summer. We never really had a summer here. We had maybe four or five days that were above 90. It was usually mid to high 70's. Perfect weather, if you ask me.

My sister came for a visit yesterday, and we went to town. At the last minute, I ran back in the house and grabbed my camera. Just in case. I'm so glad I did. We found this along the highway.

A nice stand of yellow flowers (coreopsis, I think) in front of a bank of sumac. Of course I made her stop. If I were alone with Mom, I wouldn't have taken the chance. It was windy already, and the whoosh of cars and semi-trucks going by made the flowers sway even more, making focus a challenge.

We took the long way home, driving the back roads. My place is just off the lower left corner, way in the distance here.


cornbread hell said...

that's a nice twosome. i'm glad you went back for the camera.

my desktop thermometer has been stuck at 82 degrees for a month. ha!

Lily said...

Wow! The flower photo is awesome when clicked on for the full size version, the colours are so vibrant, any plans to repeat the yellow and reds in yarn? I had to laugh at 'never really had a summer...mid to high 70s' - that's a good UK summer! I couldn't stand anything hotter.

Mare said...

Those photos are beautiful! And our Summer was cooler and wetter than usual, and i loved it. But right now we are a full week or more into hot and humid and i cannot wait for it to be over!

colleenmc said...

any possibility you can take some fotos of 'town' you go to...suburban LA idea of 'town' is probably pretty different from your reality. Hope your mom's better

sandy said...

We are saying the same thing over here in foggy San Francisco... summers are normally cool and foggy, but it's been chillier than usual! What beautiful surroundings you have.

Anonymous said...

Beautifl shots! You and I have a fair bit in common. :) Like taking pics, AZ family member, trying to self sustain, probably more but I've got to jet, my youngest is pulling me out of my chair! :) Lol
Jessie at Blog Schmog