Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shadow and Light

The phlox are in full bloom. Funny thing is, I don't know where this color came from. I only planted purple phlox in this space. I brought them with me from my Mpls garden over 9 years ago.

Here I cropped and ran the Poster Edges filter. I haven't played with that for a while.

Another, cropped differently.

Shadow. Mom has been wheezing/breathing heavily, so we went to the doctor on Friday. Chest x-ray showed a little fluid in one lung, bloodwork showed a slightly elevated white cell count, and pulse ox showed her below acceptable levels. We are treating for aspiration pneumonia, just in case. She had a couple of choking/coughing incidents while eating, so will also do a swallowing study to see if that is now an issue. If it is, that would be a step into the last stage (7) of this damned disease. I can't think of that right now.

Light. The other day Mom and I were at the store, and she was pushing the cart. I was picking out a bunch of bananas, and Mom was standing right next to me. All of a sudden, I feel a pinch on my hip. I quickly turned and looked at Mom, just in time to see her hand suddenly go back on the cart and her innocently look away. About a second later, she burst out giggling. How I love that woman.


rilera said...

The phlox are gorgeous. I wonder if the soil pH might have changed the color?

Hope she isn't starting on the swallowing problems.

Annie said...

Oh, like hydrangeas! I never thought of that!

Linda Sue said...

SWEEEET shots with the edging- too!
Your MOM! What spirit- you are both most amazing!

Lily said...

Oh Annie, I envy you, I hope your mum is around for a long time yet, so you can enjoy more of those special moments.

cornbread hell said...

hahahahaha. funny lady. thanks for the story.

Turtle said...

gorgeous phlox. Do you have the original color as well? If not the soil could have changed and altered the color. I recently planted more purple hydrangeas. I remember when we first saw this house, which was torn up and in the midst of a renovation, the hydrangea almost completely sold me! (lol, a small bush to buy a house...i'm so easy!)

Your moms sense of humor is great! I hope all works out well with the tests. It is never easy, it's such a frustrating cruel disease.