Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why is corn creepy?

Leslie asked why I find corn creepy. I suppose it is because for the first two years Mom was with me,(pre-fence and gate)it was my greatest fear that Mom would wander off and get lost in the corn field. Maybe if you've never experienced it, it is hard to understand how tall it is. Once you get a few feet into a cornfield, you completely disappear. You, the person in the corn, can't see anything but corn all around. Now, imagine you had AD.

The creepy corn I mentioned was also in reference to some previous posts. This search should bring them up.


Leslie said...

I get it now, being a city gal, my closest encounters with corn are of the farm stand variety and drving with the lights off on a full moon lit night thru the Garden State.

Thanks, however, your pictures are gorgeous of the corn, the sky and the clouds.

Kathy Put said...

Thank you for your blog, for the intimate view into your journey with your mom. My mom passed away from
AD 6 years ago and this weekend I'm driving 12 hours to help my brother deal with our father's move into long term care because he also has dementia. It helps to know that others have walked the same path.

Mama Pea said...

Annie, your blogging about "creepy" corn jogged a memory in my brain about working in the cornfields in Illinois when I was a young teen.

I used your wording, "Creepy Corn" as the title of my blog post today.

Gayla said...

My biggest fear as a child was to get lost in the cornfield. Just looking at the exposed roots was enough to keep me away. But then, I used to be afraid of dandelions too.

rilera said...

I always remember the movie "Field of Dreams" and the ball players disappearing into the corn.

Hope you are doing OK. You are in my thoughts.