Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Loopy peg loomed collar

Here it is, the thing made with the beehive yarn shown in the last post.

I'm not really sure what to call it.

Loopy collar seems appropriate.

The back gives a little better look as to how I made it. I wove it over about 12 pegs on the peg loom, and then removed the bottom 8 weft threads.

The thing sort of appeals to my wild and wacky side, but I fear I don't have the panache or self-confidence to actually wear it. Sad, huh?

I think it would make a great valance strung at the top of a window. Or maybe just hung on the wall. It's art, you know.

I have a total of 2.6 oz of the yarns left over. I was thinking it would make great wrist cuffs if I did the same thing. Weave it over 5 or 6 pegs, then pull out the bottom two or three. The loops, 2-3 inches long, would peek out from under your shirt/coat, falling onto your hands. I have to come up with a way to make them easy to take on and off though. To tie the weft threads together each time would be way too cumbersome, plus you would need somebody else to do it. Must think on this.


Anonymous said...

The Loopy collar is pretty cool. Why don't you try wearing it under your coat when you go town? It would be hidden, so you can satisfy your wild and wacky side in secret. Then perhaps as it peeks out when you unbutton your coat you will develop the panache to wear it openly.

It's beautiful, celebrate it!

As far as the wrist cuffs go, would elastic be cheating? You could make a casing and attach to the back of the cuffs. Or make a loop out of the yarn or a piece of elastic and attach it to one side and put a large button (maybe wood) on the other.


Cindy said...


Lisa said...

I saw a lady using a peg loom on the train on Monday morning. It was so intresting to watch her becuase I've never seen one in use before. Brought a whole new view of what you do!

The collar is beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Tracy said...

LOVE that.

It gave me a start, actually, because I was totally trying to do the same sort of thing with some yarn I wanted to keep more or less intact and unhindered by knitting.
My plan is much more time-consuming than plooming, involves needle-felting, and got so tiresome I haven't touched it in weeks. And it wasn't giving the same uber-cool effect as this, either.
But maybe I should finish it....

Find an excuse to wear it. Next time you go to an art museum.

Lilac Haven said...

Ok I don't need any more projects but I have been following the stuff you are making with your peg loom and I think I am going to have to have DH make me one of those. I love the items you have posted.

Gizmo said...

I think it's gorgeous, and matching cuffs would be wonderful. How about some way of buttoning them to the shirt??

I think I need to hire you to make me some of these items to accompany my "show" clothes! :)

You're a true artist, and I truly enjoy each item you post.

J said...

I think you'd look great wearing it over a dark or black long sleeve tunic with matching dark or black skinney legged slacks/leggings or even the stone washed jean leggings.
I really think you could carry it well.