Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Tale of Woe

I finally hired someone to plow me out yesterday. There was much more snow there than I realized. What I thought was the ground was actually another six inches of snow and ice layers. So yeehah, I was finally able to get out yesterday. I had to get to town to have my glasses adjusted. Pulling on the gate to open it, it gave way in a rush and smacked into my glasses, bending the heck out of them. They sat on my face all askew and gave me a horrific headache because I couldn't see right. Working yesterday was murder! Despite all my whining about my glasses, that isn't my tale of woe.

No, my tale of woe starts way back in high school art class. As I remember it, we were supposed to have a few weeks of lecture on theory/history/whatever, and then the rest of the semester was to be actual hands on doing art, including wheel thrown pottery. I looked forward to that with much enthusiasm!

It never happened. Due to some kids who were goofing off, the whole class was punished. Instead of pottery, we had lectures on the life of Vincent Van Gogh. The whole semester. We did a little drawing maybe (which I sucked at) but I never got to sink my hands into mud and create something. I've been kind of pissed off about that ever since. I was going to say resentful, but that isn't strong enough. Nope, the unfairness of the whole class being punished for the misactions of a few really chaps my hide! I blame the teacher. Mr. H, I'm looking at you!

I've had this yearning to learn, but never found the opportunity. My goal for the year, (I do not make resolutions) is to take a wheel thrown pottery class. One of the nearby towns offered it in their fall community ed classes, so I am hoping for a winter offering. There damn well had better not be any kids goofing off in my class when I do sign up!


Mama Pea said...

I think that's what life should be about . . . doing things that we've always wanted to do. (Sure wish we didn't have to wait so darned long to be able to do some of them though!)

Happy New Year wishes to you, and I hope your pottery class is a totally fulfilling hoot!

sophanne said...

Great! I did something similar. I received a rock tumbler as a gift when I was 8. There was no adult supervision to assist and no directions included. This year I purchased a rock tumbler and tumbled some rocks. Ironically the directions were missing and I had to share my tale of woe with the company until they came. You can go back!

Cindy said...

I finally took a pottery class a few years ago. I ended up realizing I had absolutely no talent. It also made my hands react badly and itch and blister. So, I ended up with a $105 Raku bowl that weighed about 5 lbs. BTW, I love that bowl. Go for it, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K said...

Throwing is hard. Much harder than you'd think. Until the magical day when, all of a sudden, you get it. It could take hours or days or weeks but it will happen. Just persist.

Although, I don't mean all the time. On days when NOTHING is working, stop and try again later or the next time. Don't get frustrated. It won't help.

alke said...

Your solution to that ancient hurt sounds like one of my directives, learn a new skill every year.

Two years ago it was spinning, last year weaving.
This year canning will be my skill to master.

All the best wishes for you and your family!

Thistledog said...

You were cheated that's for sure.

I love the feel of dirt beneath my fingers, always wondered if it would translate into an affinity with clay. I hope you find that class and let us all know how it goes...

too much snow and cold up there for any reasonable person, I am sure. Be careful!